How to Use WordPress – Beginners Guide

WordPress is a CMS (content management system) and it does take a little time and patience to learn how to use it.

Here are a collection of tutorials to help you learn how to use, administer and Maintain a WordPress website or blog.

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Adding Content

When you create content it will be in the form of a page or a post.

For beginners the difference between pages and posts can be difficult to understand, as they appear to be the same.

Pages are used when you are using WordPress as a standard website, and posts are used when using WordPress as a blog.

Most WordPress websites will use a mixture. Static content like contact page,about us pages will always use pages.

Other Pages like the home page and content pages can use either depending on your preferences.

I prefer to use:

  • A static home page
  • Pages for contact, About us,testimonials and other very static content pages.
  • Posts for news and general tutorials etc.
  • Small sites (<10 Pages) should just use pages.

Here are some important points

  • Posts can have categories and tags but pages can’t have either.
  • Posts appear in the WordPress loop and on RSS feeds and Pages don’t.
  • Pages can be parent pages to other pages to create a hierarchy.
  • Posts can’t have sub posts.


Basic Administration


WordPress like any software package is frequently being updated with new features and fixes for known problems.

As a website administrator you will need to perform periodic maintenance activities like updates and backups.

WordPress Customisation

It is possible to completely customise WordPress, however to do this you will need to have a good understanding of how WordPress works, basic PHP and HTML skills.

WordPress Technical and Developer

More technical articles that may of interest to advanced users and new developers

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