WordPress Monitoring and Maintenance

WordPress like any software package is frequently being updated with new features and fixes for known problems.

As a website administrator you will need to perform periodic maintenance activities like backups and updates.

You will also need to move and redirect pages, manage categories etc.

Basic Maintenance

These maintenance task should be performed on a regular basis on all Websites

WordPress Maintenance Mode

When you perform an update WordPress goes into maintenance mode ans the site is unavailable for site visitors.

If you navigate away from the update page before it is complete then it can be stuck in this mode.

See WordPress stuck in maintenance mode for how to fix it.

Website Monitoring

Is your website up? Is it running slow? Does it go down frequently?

These are things that you will need to be aware of.

There are many commercial online services available but they can be quite costly, techradar has a review of some of the most popular.

I have developed my own tools that use node-red and I use those.

I also am currently trialling uptimerobot

Search Engine Monitoring

How is your site performing in Google? Google provides free Webmaster tools and Analytics for this purpose.

Although I have both on my sites the one I use the most frequently is the search console of webmaster tools.

So I would recommend that you add your site to this tool at a minimum and all you need is a Google account.

In addition Webmaster tools is easier to set up.

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