How to Install WordPress on 1and1(Ionos) UK Hosting

install-wordpress-1and1-iconIn this tutorial we look at installing WordPress on 1&1 (1Ionos) UK hosting using a scripted install.

However, before you start the install script you need first to decide

  • Your site name
  • Will you use a managed install or a standard install- See Note below.
  • A WordPress Admin user name and password
  • A Contact email address

Note: Managed installs have an additional cost, and they limit what plugins and themes you can install. However 1and1 take care of any updates. Standard installs are more flexible but you will need to do any updates yourself. See how to update WordPress

1and1 scripted installs are installed in a sub folder of a special folder called clickandbuilds.

The sub folder name is the sitename used in the install.

Scripted Install on 1and1 Hosting

Note: you should be aware that 1and1 may have changed certain steps in the install procedure since these instructions were created.


  1. Go to the 1and1 website
  2. Login to your account control panel
  3. Under the hosting section locate the 1and1 App centre
  4. Select WordPress from the Applications.
  5. Enter your site name
  6. Choose and enter an Admin User name and Password.
  7. Select between managed and standard ( I use standard)
  8. Choose the Domain name for the install from the drop down list.
  9. The install takes place
  10. A summary screen is shown.Notice the install directory and the site access links.

Video Notes:

  • With this type of installation you don’t need to download the WordPress files, and then upload them to your hosting space using ftp, as it is all taken care of by the script.
  • The Scripts can also be used for removing a WordPress installation
  • The contact email address must be valid as this is how you will recover if you forget the password.

Common Questions and Answers

Q- I did a managed install can I switch to a standard install.

A- Yes here is the 1and1 support article that covers it

Q- I thought I could back up my WordPres site from 1and1 control panel but I can’t find the option.

A- It is only available on some packages Here is an excerpt from a 1and1 forum.


You need to Install a plugin to do the backup. The updraft plus plugin will backup WordPress on a scheduled basis and is the one I use.

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