Setting Up Email Accounts on 1and1 Hosting

1and1-email-iconLike many other web hosting providers 1and1 offer email hosting as part of their web hosting package.

Hosting email and websites on the same account is common, and the easiest and cheapest option for small businesses.

One and one provide two email options called basic mail and Business mail.

They also provide email as a stand alone service without hosting.

By default web hosting accounts will have basic mail as part of the web hosting package, but you can upgrade to business mail if you want.

In this tutorial we look at how you create new email addresses and mailboxes on your 1and1 hosting package.

I will be using basic mail on my hosting package (1and1 UK) in this example, but I believe that the setup is the same on 1and1 USA.

Setting Up Accounts and Addresses

The set up process generally involves:

  • Creating a mailbox and Assigning an email address
  • Assigning a password.
  • Setting quotas -optional
  • Configuring Forwarding -optional

Creating a New Email Account and Address

Login to your Hosting package and scroll down Mail section and select the Create New Email Option.



Next select the email account type you want to create. The basic is free with the standard hosting package, and the business email account costs extra.

I use the basic email account and you can always upgrade them later if you find you need extra storage.

From this screen you can also configure automatic email forwarding. (note: you may need to scroll down to see this option)1and1-email-account-type


Click the account type and a new email account form appears. Now enter the new account details.

If you have multiple domains then you need to select the domain name.

For business email accounts you should decide on a naming system. Common is.

firstname.lastname@domain name


If you scroll down you can add spam and anti virus checking (extra cost), you can add them later if you need them.

Click save when done and you have a new email account.

The summary screen show you the account details with the option of printing them or sending them to an email address.

If you scroll down you will find client setup details and a link to create a new email account or back to email Overview.

The email overview gives you a list of all your current email accounts.

This is the main screen for managing you email accounts. From here you can change passwords,delete and account,setup virus checking,spam etc.


Setting Up an Autoresponder

An autoresponder is an automatic response to an email and is often used by sales organisation.

It can be used for sending addition information or merely to inform the sender that their enquiry has been received.

To configure an autoresponder select the mailbox and click on settings. The scroll down the page to locate the autoresponder.

Edit the autoresponder message an click OK


If you now send an email to the autoresponder email address then you will receive the automatic reply that you see.


Accessing Your Email Accounts

1and1 provide secure access (SSL) via webmail. You can access webmail via the 1and1 home page or by going direct to or here for USA.

They also provide access using IMAP,POP3 and SMTP also using SSL (secure sockets layer.

The ports are:

  • SMTP using SSl : Port 587
  • IAMP using SLL:Port 993
  • POP using SLL:Port 995

They also provide some useful quick setup guides for the most popular email clients.


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