How to Get Your Website Listed In Search -Google,Bing and Yahoo

To get found on the Internet you need to be listed in the Major Search engines –Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo.
There are two ways of getting your site into the search engine index.

They are:

  • Use the search engine addurl form
  • Getting your site listed on another site that is already in the search engines.

Note: You may want to read the How Search Engines Work tutorial before continuing.

The Search Engine Addurl Form

The major search engines have a Website submitting page usually called addurl , where you can submit your Website for free.

However using the form isn’t the best or quickest way of getting listed and I don’t recommend you use it.

Getting Listed on Another Website that is Already Indexed

A much better way of getting your site listed in the Search engines is to get listed on another Website that is already indexed.

Search engines like to find sites themselves.

The easiest way to do this is to submit your website to a web directory.

Here is an old video I did showing you how to do it

How long Before You Get Listed?

Most people expect to submit their Website go to the search engine search page, and search for it- hey presto- its there.

No sorry- It doesn’t work that way.

After submitting comes waiting, and that can be weeks and even months!

Expect a minimum of 2 weeks maximum of 8 weeks for Google, and Bing.

How To Know When Your Site is Indexed

There are various ways of checking if your site is listed.

The easiest is to go to the search engine and enter


this should return a list of pages from your site that are indexed (known to the search engine).

If it is blank then your site isn’t indexed.




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