Understanding Web Space on Bluehost

bluehost-hosting-spaceIf you have web hosting from Bluehost then you need to understand how that web space is arranged and where you place your files.

Your Web space is in effect a folder on a Bluehost server and like any folder it can contain files and other folders.

The root of your web space is shown in the cpanel file manager with a house icon and is named home/domain name/.

In the picture below you can see mine is called home/nichewe1.

Where nichew1 is the domain name (niche-website-guide) truncated. Although you can host multiple domains on a single hosting account the initial domain is used to name the home directory, and for you cpanel login.

blue host web space root/home directory

Under the home directory there are other files and folders, the one that is important is the public_html directory which is the same as the www directory ( uses Unix symbolic links).

The public_html directory contains all of your web files.

In my case the niche-website-guide site use WordPress, and you can see in the picture below the WordPress directories (wp-admin, wp-content ,wp-includes).

If I showed the files you would also see the WordPress files (e,g,
index.php) under that directory.

blue host web space public_html directory

This makes perfect sense and is very straightforward when hosting a single site.

However in my case I host several sites, and another blog, and have also installed mailing list software, and a shopping cart.

If you look again at the picture above I have accomplished that by creating a directory for each of the other sites, blog, shopping cart and mailing list.

These directories then form the root directory for the other site (domain or sub domain) or application.

In my case above the blog directory contains the blog for oeupdates.com hosted on the subdomain blog.oeupdates.com.

The maillist directory contains mailing list software phplist (not used anymore)

The shop directory contains the agora shop (not used)

The oeupdates directory contains the files for the www.oeupdates.com site

The steves-internet-guide directory contains the files for the steves-internet-guide.com site. (moved).

For completeness the www directory is shown below, you can see it is identical to the public_html directory.

blue host web space www directory

Folders and Domain Names

When you create a new domain name or subdomain then you need to point it to the directory that contains the files for that site.

In the screenshot below you can see that the domain blog.oeupdates.com is contained in the directory called blog underneath the the public_html directory.

mapping of domains to folders on bluehost

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