Beginners Guide to WordPress Coding

You don’t need to learn how to code to create a website using WordPress.

However if you want to customise your own site or even start developing WordPress websites for others then you will need basic coding skills and an understanding of how WordPress works.

Although I’m not a professional Web designer or developer I have created many Websites in HTML,PHP and WordPress over the last 14 years.

During which time I have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge not only to create and maintain my own sites but also to make basic modifications like

  • Creating Templates
  • Creating Child themes
  • Create Shortcodes
  • etc

My hope is that this guide will help you do the same.

Coding Skills Required

WordPress is a PHP web application and uses the following languages.

You should note that to start you don’t need to be an expert in any of these coding languages.

How WordPress Works

The following tutorials will guide you through the most important aspects.

Note: In order to practise your coding skills I recommend that you create a test site.

External Resources and references:

Slide show covering the WP_Query object for developers. This is a video of the slideshow which makes understanding the slide show easier.

Other Resources

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