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Crypto Trading Fees with WordPress

I’m not into Bitcoin or cryptos but found this a very interesting article and something to keep an eye on…..
Exchange WordPress Plugin

Adding a Author Box

Useful tutorial on adding an author box to your posts.

WordPress Classic Editor

classic editorIf you aren’t happy with the new WordPress Blocked editor introduced in WordPress v5.0 then you can install the Classic editor plugin and revert back to the familiar WordPress editor.

If you want to learn how to use the new block editor then see this article.

Google Chrome Update-SSL

Starting this month Google chrome will be alerting users about the security of sites that they visit.

Personally I don’t see the need for SSL security on information sites like this one but Google is pushing for SSL everywhere.

This article from hostgator discusses the issue and what to expect.

If you haven’t got a website and are just starting then start with SSL, for existing sites like this one then you will need to decide whether or not the move is worth it

I will be doing research on this topic in the next few weeks and will put together a short guide for those who are interested.

If you have made this move already I would be glad to hear from you.

SEO Registration Service- July 2018

If you receive reminders like the following


Then you should ignore them. They look quite official but they are scams as you don’t need to register your domain in the search engines and you certainly don’t need to pay. See Getting your site in search engines beginners guide

Offers Following Domain Name Registration -July 2018

About 6 months ago I registered a new domain name and was astonished as to the amount of offers I received via email and phone for website related services.

Some of these are undoubtedly genuine but you need to be very careful.

Many were link building request which I advise you to be very careful about. See Link building for Beginners.

Hopefully this problem will probably will go away as the data was made public as part of the domain registration process.

However it seems that recent changes to the data privacy laws means that this information is no longer made available when doing a whois lookup.

If you receive unsolicited offers via email then be very wary.

How WordPress Displays Pages and Posts – June 2018

WordPress stores pages and posts in a database, and not in files in the file system like standard html/php sites do.

This means that the way it reacts to a web page request is very different to a standard HTML website. See How WordPress Works

Email Addresses- June 2018

Are you using your website email address or do you still use a gmail,Yahoo or hotmail email address?

Many website owners neglect to use their domain name for email addresses probably because they had their site built by a web designer who was only interested in the website.

All hosting providers provide email hosting that is ideal for small businesses and is easy to setup. See this tutorial on my other site on Setting Up Email Accounts on 1and1

Are You Doing Regular Backups?- June 2018

Making your own regular backups of your WordPress website is very important.

You shouldn’t assume that your hosting provider is doing it for you are they probably aren’t.

Fortunately there are many backup plugins that do the the job and there is no need to use the hosting provider control panel to do it.

I use the updraftplus plugin which fully automates backups of WordPress files and the WordPress Database. See How to backup and restore WordPress