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How WordPress Displays Pages and Posts – Sep 2017

WordPress stores pages and posts in a database, and not in files in the file system like standard html/php sites do.

This means that the way it reacts to a web page request is very different to a standard HTML website. See How WordPress Displays Pages and Posts

The WordPress Load Process-Beginners Guide

Each time you view a WordPress page or post a whole series of PHP commands get executed before that page/post is presented.

The file that starts the process off is the index.php file which is in the root directory of your install. See The WordPress Load Process-Beginners Guide

Email Addresses- Aug 2017

Are you using your website email address or do you still use a gmail,Yahoo or hotmail email address?

Many website owners neglect to use their domain name for email addresses probably because they had their site built by a web designer who was only interested in the website.

All hosting providers provide email hosting that is ideal for small businesses and is easy to setup. See this tutorial on my other site on Setting Up Email Accounts on 1and1

Are You Doing Regular Backups?- Aug 2017

Making your own regular backups of your WordPress website is very important.

You shouldn’t assume that your hosting provider is doing it for you are they probably aren’t.

Fortunately there are many backup plugins that do the the job and there is no need to use the hosting provider control panel to do it.

I use the updraftplus plugin which fully automates backups of WordPress files and the WordPress Database. See How to backup and restore WordPress

Should you Rebrand your Website?-July 2017

Although it is about re-branding it offers some very good information that will help you when starting out especially about choosing a domain name. to read

10 ways to Improve your SEO- July 2017

SEO for small business websites isn’t really that difficult. This Amazon article covers the main elements. You can find out more about SEO here.

4 languages you need to know to understand WordPress – July 2017

If you are wondering how WordPress works then this is a good introductory article that looks at the programming languages that are used by WordPress.-

.IO domain Name- July 2017

Have you noticed new sites using the .io domain name. Although it’s not to be used by small businesses like plumbers it is used by Tech startups.

This article explains a bit about why it has become popular-

WordPress to Require HTTPS -July 2017

According to the article WordPress will require https for some features starting later this year. It is unclear whether or not this is the sites or self hosted WordPress or both.

The article highlights the perceived benefits of moving to https but the comments offer a far more interesting read regarding the problems and real benefits.

Personally I think that if you have a brand new site then go with https. For existing sites you need to be very careful if they are large sites.

This comment taken from the post sums up my feelings on the topic.












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